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Space Center Rotary 

The Rotary Club of Space Center (Houston), Texas, and U.S.A.
Club 2010  District 589

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It is the custom of Rotarians to exchange club banners when visiting other clubs, and over the years many Rotarians have visited the Rotary Club of Space Center and many of the Club's members have visited other clubs.  The banners from these exchanges in previous years have been displayed at each Club meeting. However the number of banners became numerous and space to display them became difficult. With the electronic archive web site, the banners can be preserved and displayed electronically. Many banners have a special meaning to the Club members and consequently some have written appropriate messages beneath the respective banner.  A special board was designed for displaying the banners at the club meetings in 1975.  This board was 66 inches wide and 72 inches high.  Apparently this board was large enough to  hold all the exchanged banners at that time.  In Rotary Year 1993-94, an article appeared in the newsletter stating that Sergeant at Arms Donnie Johnson collected banners from all sorts of garage and attic corners and had them sewn on large display dark blue banners.  These displayed banners  were mounted on the walls of the meeting room during the meeting.  This practice continued until the Club started meeting in rooms where there was not sufficient wall space, i.e. the walls were mostly windows.  In 2009,  the banners were removed from the four blue display banners and exchanged banners that had been received over the years that were  not placed on blue display banners were scanned and electronically archived  The exchange banners  are stored in the Rotary history storage room. Five hundred and twenty banners have been electronically archived.

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