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Space Center Rotary 

President Suzi Howe

Suzi Howe


The Rotary Club of Space Center (Houston), Texas, and U.S.A.
 Rotary International District 5890 (589)
Club 2010
Rotary Year 2001-02

Susan "Suzi" C. Howe

Chartered August 6, 1964

Thirty eight years of serving the local and world communities with a passion for “Service Above Self”

President Elect
Laura Hale
Olive Murphy-Riker
Sheila Self
Sergeant at Arms
Vissett Sun

Club Service A
Earl Maudlin
Club Service B
Dick Gregg III
Club Service C
Greg Turley
Club Service D
Geoff Atwater
Vocational Service
Joan Skellenger
Community Service A
Marc Schneider
Community Service B
Marie Dalton
International Service A
J. B. Fox
International Service B
Dick Kidder

Reflections 2012
In June of 2012 President Howe reflected on several memorable events during her tenure as president, some which were not in the history previously.  There are more photos on the fishing trip, the backyard party, and the Rotary bench project  in the history write up. 

The Club met at the Gilruth Center on the NASA Johnson Space Center  campus in Houston, Texas until shortly after the September 11th attack on the World Trade Towers in New York City and then met at the Holiday Inn, City of  Nassau Bay, Texas (Historian 2009: Minutes in October noted that a contract had been signed with the Holiday Inn in the City of Nassau Bay, Texas).  The Club met each Monday at noon with interesting programs from guest speakers and several programs regarding the Club’s activities.  Rolfe Young was the Program Committee Chair.  The Club’s newsletter, Blastoff, captured the essence of many of the programs with write-ups and pictures as well as provide other interesting information such as vitas about some of the club members, Rotary and Club information, promoting the fundraisers and other worth while events and recognizing the fundraisers’ sponsors.  The editor of the newsletter was Sheila Self.  Jerome Bourgeois led the members in songs for most of the meetings and the members shared in leading the club in the pledge of alliance to the U. S. flag, prayer, and the Four-Way Test.  Club fellowships were facilitated by Bill Taylor with attendance good and fellowship great.  Golf on Thursday under the leadership of Sheryl Springfellow continued to be a favorite.  A
Rotary family out, a Christmas Party, and a trip to the  Rodeo, and a fishing trip  to Port Mansfield provided additional opportunities for fellowship for the Club members and invited guests. Also there was an end of year  party and couple of fishing  trips  for fellowship.

Two of the Club members were former District 5890 governors,
Floyd Boze 1981-1982 and Billy Weseman 1993-1994.  Vince Lipovsky and Bev Steadman, chartered members of the Club, 14 past presidents, and Floyd Boze continued to attend the weekly Club meetings.

President Howe established Major Objectives in the areas of Membership Development, Public Image, Rotary Education and Training, Club Development and Improvement, Personal Objectives, and Fund Raising.  The accomplishments of these objectives are noted below and reflected in the 2001-02 Presidential Citation Certificate Form (follows Major Objectives).

$45,000 was given to service projects, The Rotary Foundation, and The Space Center Rotary Club Endowment Foundation.    A comprehensive overview of the  financial condition of the Club can be viewed with the following documents:
summary of the cash and investment balances in various accounts as of June 30, 2002;  
profit and loss
statement from July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002; 
administrative budget (September 10, 2001);  and
service budget (September 10, 2001). 

The Club's Board of Directors probably met twelve in regular sessions however only 10 copies of the
minutes of the actions and decisions by the Board  were located.  Attendance to the board meetings by the board members for the year was 79 percent through April. The avenues of service committees and committee members can be viewed by clicking on committee members. Billy R. Smith was the Club’s Parliamentarian, and maintained and interpreted the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws. 

There were 22 issues (out of possible 46) of the Club’s newsletters, Blastoff, which can be located.  The newsletters contained a variety of interesting items such as the Club’s programs; future programs; make-up opportunities; Shrimporee and VIP Auction and Wine Tasting information; vitas about club members; general information about the Club, District, and Rotary International; and promoting fundraisers sponsors and worth while events.  The newsletter was eight and one half by eleven inches and consisted of several pages.  Sheila Self was the editor and Bob Mitchell was the photographer. 

The Club’s
membership at the end of the Rotary year was 152 members based on record from District 5890.  The Club’s directory can be viewed by clicking on  Directory 2001-2002.  The Phone Tree was handled by Bill Geissler

This was the second year that another major fundraiser was held in addition to the Shrimporee.  A VIP Auction and Wine Tasting, chaired by Gregg Turley, was held on August 25, 2001 at the Houston Yacht Club, Shoreacres.  There were 93 guests.  This was a successful event raising a net of $12,755.  The 28th Shrimporee, chaired by Earl Maudlin (second from right),  was held on September 22, 2001  at the Clear Lake Park, in Seabrook, Texas.  It turned out to be a great event yielding a net of $40,732. (Shrimporee VIP 2001 Financial Statement as of November 30, 2001).  Precinct Two Commissioner Jim Fonteno was the Honorary Chairman of the Shrimporee and sent President Howe a note of appreciation for the Paul Harris Fellow Award he received at the Shrimporee.  An extensive publicity campaign was carried out by Pat Patton and a comprehensive report (part one announcements and part two radio and newspaper ads) with a  collection of the newspaper articles prepared by her.  There were 2 Shrimporee posters found in the history record, the one with the rocket was the one used based on  information in the Blastoff.  It is not certain why a second one existed. The logo is similar but is not the same as the one used in the 2000 Shrimporee.  The income received from the fund raisers exceeded $53,000 and the amount made from the fund raisers since the first recorded fund raiser in 1968 was estimated $804,334.   View a slide presentation of the Shrimporee. View video by ATA Associates and more photos.

Jessica Zhao, Jason Sadeghbeigi, and Iris Chu received $100, $75, and $50 respectively for the first, second, and third place in the 14th annual Clear Creek Independent School District Drug Awareness Essay contest.  The Scholarship Committee awarded six $500 scholarships to students in the Clear Creek Independent School District.  The recipients were Victoria L. Phillips, Brian Picazio, Jessica Huff, Ryan Stoltz, Lam Ha Le, and Ky D. Cooksey.

The Excellence in Education committee under the leadership of Scott Rainey presented the winner of the 12th annual Teacher of the Year award on May 13, 2002.  The finalists received a gold teacher's apple, a certificate and $300.  The Teacher of the Year for Elementary and Secondary schools will each receive $500 and a plaque.  The six teachers were Kathy Sharp, Clay Barnett, Linda Michael, Mary Anthamatten, Pam Grimes, and Ralph Hixon, and in the Clear Creek Independent School District for Distinguished Service awards.  From this group, Kathy Sharp and Clay Barnett were honored as “Teacher of the Year.

The Excellence in Public Service committee, chaired by Bill Farries, selected five officers, Enrique Anorga, Kenneth Cranston, Gregory Gillespie, Tommy Hansen, and Mary Ellen Johnson, for the Distinguished Officer Award.  Each received $300.00.  From this group, Tommy Hansen was awarded the “Officer of the Year” and received an additional $700.00.  This was the 10th year that the Excellence in Public Service Award was given.

There was information on International Youth Exchange students, Bruno Tabith (full program year) in the July 30 Blastoff, a notice of Rebecca Quintero (half program year) presentation to the Club for August 16 in the August 13 Blastoff, and a picture of Osaka Ja in the August 27 Blastoff.  Read writeup about Rebecca by Art Wood.  Alan Wylie received a thank you note from Jenny regarding a scholarship.  There were three thank you notes in the file.

The Club continued its program of assisting patients from other countries    who    need    medical treatment. Pictured is Dr. Abdel Fustok, who donated his services as plastic surgeon, and current patient, Blanca Meza Gonzalez.  Blanca was 19 years old and lived in the Federal District of Mexico City.  At two years of age she was severely burned when a lamp in her home caught her dress on fire.  A thank you  letter dated August 19, 2001 regarding Blanca sent to the Club can be viewed by clicking on letter.  Edgar from Mexico is here as one of Dr. Fustok's patients. This is the 18th year for the program.

Earl Maudlin started a "Rotary Bench" community service project involved several of the Club members and provided a Rotary present in the area.  The benches were made of treated wood and had a large metal Rotary emblem appended to the back of the bench.  There were 110 benches made at Earl's home work shop in Kemah, Texas.  View a slide presentation of the bench project shown at the District 5890 Conference May 2002, most of the photos were taken at Earl's workshop February 23, 2002. The 100th bench was presented in the name of Mary Estes the wife of Rotary International President Glenn Estes and placed at the Armand Bayou Nature Center, Pasadena, Texas.  The Bench Project was named the "Outstanding Vocational Project" for District 5890 for Rotary Year 2001-02.

President Howe reported on her trip to Nicaragua on March 7-11 and the conditions encountered there.  She had a large album of pictures which were viewed by the Board.  800 children showed up for lunch.  $250.00 was donated for the High School (raised by the District).  The area was devastated by mud slides in which 3500 persons were buried.  Frank Hueco is to receive a check given by the Club for his leadership in the Nicaragua Project.  Alan Wylie and Bruno Costa, exchange student from Brazil, also went. View power  point
presentation on the trip.

Space Center Rotary Club led two other clubs (Friendswood, Texas, and Wintertur, Switizerland) in establishing a Matching Grant Project (MG 56831) in Bolivia, which was to cover 3 years. This was an agricultural project in the rural Andean Mountain area 80 kms outside the City of Cochabamba. The goal of the project was to locate a continuous water source, distribute it throughout the Village of Aramasi, and train the village occupants to grow and maintain fruits and vegetables, which were absent in their diet.  The resultant water source will also serve the needs of two orphanages, supporting over 300 children in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Stan Galanski received an award in Bolivia for his contribution to the project.  More details can be viewed in the July 2
Blastoff.  (More in a writeup and photos of the dedication ceremony in November 2001).

The Club continued (tenth year) the Three Wishes for Christmas
program which fulfilled Christmas wishes for children in the protective service of Harris and Brazoria Counties. These wishes were for youngsters up to 18 years of age, who are in special homes and institutions.  These children are not in Children Protective Services' care for things that they have done but for abuse or neglect, done to them by parents and others.   This year part of the donations were given to The Houston Chronicle Goodfellows because the Three Wishes for Christmas had moved the drop off point from Alvin to across Houston. This year the Club purchased 30 bicycles, 30 scooters, and 75  helmets for this program. The Goodfellows would also pick up the bicycles and scooters at Wal-Mart.  See a photo
journey on bikes.

An interesting letter by Dr. David Taylor to Slava Koumylov, Nalchik, Russia discussed the student exchange with Russia and some other information about the Project Free Enterprise teams.  Also Dr. David Taylor put together a Summary of Dates for the Space Program which can be read in the November 5, 2001 Blastoff.

The Club added 5 
Paul Harris Fellows bringing the total to 239 since the first recorded Paul Harris Fellow in 1973.  Hilmar Zeissig was the District 5890 International Service Chairman.

The 93rd Rotary International Convention was held June 23-26, 2002  in Barcelona, Spain.  There were 19,059 in attendance with President Elect Laura Hale from Rotary of Space Center, Houston attending.

District 5890 Conference was held May 9-12, 2002 in New Orleans, Louisiana. View photo gallery of the conference.

The Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA)  Foundation  presented Dr. George E. Mueller with the 2002 National Space Trophy at the 16th annual stellar event held on March 8, 2002 at Space Center Houston.  Proceeds of the event went to benefit the High School Aerospace Scholars program held at Johnson Space Center for the 3nd year.  The front cover of the 2002 Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Program can be viewed by clicking on 2002 RNASA Program.     

President Howe  approved the history for Rotary year 2001-02 and it was placed in archives March 2011. 

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