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Chartered August 6, 1964
Charter Presentation
to President Brown September 28, 1964

History from August 6, 1964 to August 5, 2014
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Our Club, Our Heritage

The Rotary Club of Space Center (Club) has an outstanding community service history since August 1964 due to its diversified members, all with a passion for "Service Above Self".  Not only this, but the Club shares a national heritage in that it grew alongside the manned space program located at the National Aeronautical Space Agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The bond between the Club and the Johnson Space Center and the friendship that has developed is one of the Club’s enduring values and a rich heritage.

With honor the Club carries the name “Space Center” and its banner reflects the manned space program. Many of the former and current members were pioneers in the manned space program and several of the earlier astronauts were honorary members of the Club. There is a wealth of experience, abilities, and talents among its members such that long time member and President of the Club (1990-1991) Billy R. Smith said that the Club was coined the name, “The Can Do Club". 

As a tribute to the many Rotarians around the world including former and current members of the Rotary Club of Space Center who have contributed to the success of the historic manned space program, please view the May 1966 edition of the Rotarian (page 19) about the start of this journey and a 2011 article and video on the final journey of the shuttle. In addition, an article on the 50th year anniversary of the manned space program by Mary Alys Cherry, Editor Emeritus of the Bay Area Citizen June 2011 and member of the Club as of this writing (2014); and a slide presentation ppt or pdf of the United States manned space program from 1958 to 1992 provided by Bill Geissler, President of the Club Rotary year 1999-2000 and a member as of this writing (2014), are included in the Club's history. Additionally, a video titled Above and Beyond, Twenty Great Missions, presented at the 1996 Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Awards Banquet can be viewed here. The video was produced by Stephen Gauvain of KTRK-TV Channel 13 (ABC).

Associated articles, photos, and information about the manned space program are also noted, as appropriate, in the respective Rotary year. 

of the
Rotary Club of Space Center

Rotary Club of Space Center


The distinctive banner of the Rotary Club of Space Center, depicting an astronaut in an Extra-Vehicular Activity of “Space Walk” while orbiting the Earth, is like the banner which was carried by Rotarian Colonel Frank Borman on Apollo VIII in Lunar Orbit December 21-27, 1968 and which was later presented to Rotary International President Togasaki in Honolulu, Hawaii by Colonel Borman. The banner is displayed in Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. (Update June 2012 from Suzi Howe, Club President 2001-02 and District 5890 Governor 2006-07: ".....I have just left One Rotary Center and learned that our banner is not "hanging" at Rotary International, but rather is stored off-site with other valuable historical documents and memorabilia in a properly controlled environment (temperature, etc.). There is a rotating exhibit of historical items from this collection." Read more.

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The history of the Rotary Club of Space Center is complied on a Rotary year basis. However there were some activities where the significance and/or the continuity are not fully reflected on a Rotary year basis. These have been written in story form and are shown in the listing below by subject. In addition to these activities, noteworthy events, usually the "first" or "origin", are in the Special Occasions and Recognitions link below. Read more about the organization of the history.

All the history is contained in the topics listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the Rotary emblem iconRotary.   Those annotated by the Club's banner Rotary are accessible by Rotary year.   

 Ambassadorial Scholars (TRF Global Grants)

Banners, Exchanged

Banners, Exchanged Write up

Bench Project
     (Celebrating Rotary International Centennial Year)

Board Meeting Minutes

Bolivia, Update on Humanitarian Efforts
Slide Presentation January 7, 2008)

Bolivia Water Project - Cochabamba
     (Write Up 2008)

     Village of Aramasi - Spring Water Project
    Village of Aramasi - Dam Porject
    Concepcion Water Well
    Water Purification in Concepcion
         (Slide Presentation November 2008)

Bolivia, Dam Construction and Canal Restoration Project in Aramasi
     (Slide Presentation November 2008)

Brass Shrimp

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Deceased Club Members

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 50 Year Graphs
     Paul Harris Fellowships

History and Archives, how organized

 History of the Rotary Club of Space Center, 
     A Topical Summary

 History of the Rotary Club of Space Center,
     A Corollary Version

Important Club Documents

"Making a Difference" by Tom Weir
    (A compilation of major Club accomplishments about year 1990)

Membership and Club Directory

Newsletters (Blastoff)

Officers and Board Members

 Paul Harris Fellows  
 Polio Human Interest Story (December 2013)
     Narrative by Jerry Hardy, District Governor, D5840
     Carolyn Watson sketch
     End Polio Now Poster from sketch

Previously Written Histories

Project Free Enterprise

RNASA Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (web site)

Rotary (International) Student Exchange

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Shrimp Costume

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Sister Club Aeropuerto Club of Mexico City, Mexico (1986 -1994)

Space Center Rotary Club Endowment Foundation

Space Shuttle Payload Project

Special Occasions and Recognitions


Three Wishes for Christmas
     (Bicycles for Christmas)

Water Purification in Concepcion
     (Slide Presentation November 2008)

World Health Foundation

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