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Space Center Rotary

The Rotary Club of Space Center (Houston), Texas, and U.S.A.
District 5890
Club 2010
Chartered August 6, 1964

Rotary Year History
by President

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Allen, Richard "Dick"
Atwater, Geoffrey "Geoff"
Bailey, Rex
Baldwin, David V.
Berg, Sheryl
Bowles, Lamar D.
Brown, Ivan E.
Brown, Ivan E.
Chandler, Richard
Coney, David B.
Dennard, Michael D. "Mike"
Fox, Junius B. "J.B."
Garica, Lionel
Geissler, William H."Bill"
Chester "Pete"
Gracey, Martin
Gregg III, Dick H.
Gregg Jr., Dick H.
Hale, Laura W.
Hammack, B. Jerome "Jerry"
Hargrove, James B. "Jim"
Hartman, Charles H.
Hernandez, Miguel A. "Mike"
Hesson, Terry
Hobart, Roger F.
Howe, Susan C. "Suzi"
Jacobson, Charles A."Chuck"
Johnson, Donnie P.
Jowid, Mansour A. "Al"
Kirk, H. Donald
Ligrani, Alfred J."Al"
Lindquist, Gene O.
Lister, Jack R.
Lowes, John W. III"Bill"
Maria, Victor G."Vic"
Matthews, Marvin F.
McKinnie, Jon R.
McNatt, James W. "Jim"
Morgan, Frank G.
Musial, Marilyn
Rainey, Scott
Scott, Robert K."Bob"
Self, Sheila M.
Smith, Billy Ray
Sun, Vissett S.
Taylor, Dr. David
Watson, John
Webb, William J. "Bill"
Weseman, Billy D.
Wren, Robert J."Bob"
Wyatt, James L."Jim"

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